The Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Graduate Students' Association at the University of Toronto proudly presents...
The 17th Annual NMCGSA Graduate Symposium


The tentative programme for the 17th Annual NMCGSA Graduate Symposium is now up for your viewing pleasure.

- Arshavez Mozafari

On behalf of myself and all the other symposium organizers, I am proud to present the (partially incomplete) 16th Annual NMCGSA Graduate Symposium Programme. As is indicated in the programme, the symposium will be taking place from March 5th to 7th. I would like to point out a few achievements we have attained thus far:

(1) The symposium has been extended from 2 to 3 days, allowing for a greater assortment of topics to be covered. This reflects NMC's range.

(2) We have been able to attract more external presenters this year. This will really promote the department as one of the more central hubs of Near and Middle Eastern Studies.

(3) We received a record number abstracts this year. This was due to our tireless efforts in spreading the call for papers.

(4) In order to promote greater faculty/student interaction, we have pushed to have faculty members serve as discussants. This will allow graduate students to get the most out of their symposium experience.

(5) We expanded the number of blind reviewers involved in the review process. This resulted in a more equitable and rigorous selection process.

(6) We have garnered the support of more donors this year. This will increase the prestige of the department on campus.

(7) We have decided to move the venue from the Multi-Faith Centre back to Bancroft Building. This will promote easier access and a more intimate environment than years past.

(8) We have personally redesigned the entire symposium website. External visitors now have access to more information that will make their stay more easier.

(9) As part of the website, we have inaugurated the NMCGSA Symposium Archival Project which will seek to record and store the programmes and abstracts of years of yore. This will create a sense of continuity and heritage that will further strengthen the role of the symposium in promoting graduate scholarship.

All this hard work will be for nothing if you do not come out and support the graduate students who will be presenting in the span of these three days. Please join us and contribute in your own special way. Who knows, maybe your presence or short comment will make a presenter's day. Maybe one of the presentations will spark an idea in you that will lead to a research project or the nourishment of a pre-existing project. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be sending out reminders and notes so please stay tuned!

- Arshavez Mozafari

Jan-12-12: Now that the deadline has expired, we have passed on the abstracts to a committee for a blind review. The organizers of the symposium are not involved in the actual ranking process. We will notify applicants of their status in a couple weeks. Due to time constraints and incompatibility issues, we will have to unfortunately reject many great proposals.

- Arshavez Mozafari

Oct-29-11: I have recently drafted the 'call for papers' for the 16th Annual NMCGSA Graduate Symposium and we are in the process of distributing it worldwide. You may view the call below...

- Arshavez Mozafari

Near and Middle Eastern Studies in the Midst of Revolution
March 5-6, 2012
Deadline: January 9, 2012

The Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations Graduate Students Association of the University of Toronto invites proposals for the 16th Annual Graduate Symposium to be held on March 5-6, 2012. Since 1997, the NMCGSA Symposium has provided the opportunity for promising graduate students to share their original research with the broader scholarly community in a conference-like forum, and to publish their presentations as proceedings. By annually bringing together specialists in archaeology, history (both modern and ancient), anthropology, comparative literature, religion, art, philosophy and political science, the symposium provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary discourse focused on the study of the Near and Middle East. The 2012 symposium aims to highlight this diversity in order to foster communication and exchange across disciplinary boundaries. While we encourage submissions that are related to the recent Arab Spring movements, we are nevertheless open to any variety of topics that pertain to the realm of Near and Middle Eastern Studies. We are also open to reviewing unorthodox proposals.

Submitting a Paper: Presenters are asked to submit an abstract of 250 words by e-mail attachment no later than January 9, 2012. Submissions should also include the following information in the body of the email: presenters name, program (M.A, Ph.D.), year of study, research focus, university/department, complete address, telephone number, email address, title of paper, and audio-visual requirements.

Presentations must not exceed 20 minutes. The abstracts will be reviewed by committee and presenters will be informed of their acceptance no later than February 8, 2012. For purposes of anonymous adjudication, please do NOT include your name or other identification on the abstract attachment.

If your paper is being submitted as part of a proposed panel or considered under a specific theme, please include the panel title or the proposed theme under the title of the paper on the abstract.

In order to foster greater scholarly dialogue, partial funding will be made available to five graduate students from North American universities to assist with travel costs. For eligibility please visit the symposium web site.

Please send us your submissions via the following e-mail address: nmcgsasymposium@gmail.com