About the NMCGSA

The NMCGSA is a student-led organization that represents all graduate students in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. NMCGSA operates under the umbrella of The University of Toronto’s Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), who deals with graduate student matters and concerns across the university.

In a given month, NMCGSA will plan socials and other recreational activities, organize the Annual Graduate Student’s Symposium, and oversee the publication of the Symposium proceedings. The Executive council meets on a regular basis to attend to any concerns or issues brought tot the attention of the Executive by its student members and act as a liaison between the faculty. At the end of each academic year, the student body elects student officials to form the Executive Council for the following year. You can find information on the electoral process under the Constitution page.

The Executive Team for the 2016/17 academic year are as follows:

President: Arthur Stefanski
Vice-President: Emilie Terebessy
Secretary: Reagan Patrick
Treasurer: Katie Wiggins

Department Representative: Ted Good
GSU Representative: Shuntu Kuang
CUPE Representative: Vacant
Symposium Coordinator: Parisa Zahiremami
Social Convener: Cristina Savulov
Library Liaison: Rasha El-endari
Fundraising Officer: Emily Graham
NMC-CESI Representative: Muhsanah Arefin
General Members: Rob Martin

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