November 13th:

Syria: A Critical Discussion of Crisis and Destruction

Syria: A Critical Discussion of Crisis and Destruction
November 13: 4-6pm, ES1050 (Earth Science Centre, 5 Bancroft Ave).
In collaboration with the NMCSU and NMCGSA, students of the University of Toronto and the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations have organized an event focusing on the humanitarian and refugee crisis, as well as the cultural destruction that has been ongoing in Syria and the Middle East. Apart from this series of lectures, which will promote awareness and discussion, we will be raising funds for two University of Toronto initiatives aimed at helping Syrian Refugees and Scholars at Risk. Admission is FREE and this event is open to the public!
Featuring Lectures by:
Dr. Şenay Özden
Hamisch Syrian Cultural House in Istanbul
Dr. Jens Hanssen
University of Toronto
Dr. Clemens Reichel
University of Toronto
In support of:
University of Toronto ‘Scholars at Risk’
‘Lifeline Syria’
Event Facebook Page
Event Web Page
Sponsored by the University of Toronto, Faculty of Arts and Science

September 10th:

Orientation Seminar

Thursday, September 10, 2015
Bancroft Hall, Room 200B
All new students are especially invited, but continuing students are also encouraged to attend.

Are you an NMC graduate student? Don’t miss our 2015-16 Graduate Student Orientation on Thursday September 10th, 2015 (starting at 11:00 AM in Bancroft Building 200B). Incoming students are strongly encouraged to attend, but continuing students are welcome as well. Take this opportunity to learn more about program requirements, the structure of the university, and helpful resources on and off campus. Have a bite to eat, review best practices for completing your degree, and network with your colleagues! In preparation for this event, be sure to browse our Welcome Package.


September 23th:

General Meeting

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Bancroft Hall, Room 200B
For all NMC Graduate Students

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